Watcal Series

Save Precious Water – Verify Water Meters : Domestic (DN15 to DN 40); Bulk/Industrial (upto DN 300)

Nagman’s Feature rich ‘WATCAL’ Series offers OPTIMAL Solutions, Cost Effectively – for Verification/Calibration of Multiple Meters simultaneously as per ISO 4064/3, OIML R-49 Standards

Through Comparison – Master/Slave – Method using Pre-calibrated Electromagnetic Flow Meter Masters.

Through Gravimetric Method – employing 1 or more SS Collection Tanks mounted on Precise Weighing Scales.

Through Volumetric Method – employing 2 or more Pre-calibrated Stainless Steel Volumetric Tanks (Low Volumes).

Complete Integrated System with Pumps (with VFD), Rotameters / Manual Throttles for Flow Rate Control. Reservoir, Test Bed with Quick Clamping Systems / Spacers & Blanks and Electric Control Console / Calibration Software.

Boon to Water Boards / Jal Nigam / Municipal Corporations / OEMs & Calibration Labs

Water Meter Test Bench

Different Systems to suit Domestic / Industrial / Bulk Water Meters – (Mechanical, Electrical, Ultrasonic etc.).

Calibration of Multiple Meters/Sizes : DN 10 upto DN 40 upto DN 300 in 1 or more lines

Test/Calibration Methods per ISO 4064/3 Standards: Gravimetric : Collection Chamber(s) mounted on Precision Weighing Scale(s) &/or Volumetric : thro’ pre-calibrated Volume Chambers

Precise flow adjustment using Multiple Rotameters / Electro-Magnetic Flow Meters

One or more pumps to suit (with VFD / Manual Throttle for Flow Control)

Clamping : Manual / Pneumatic / Hydraulic etc.

Flow Rates :
1 LPM upto 335 LPM (for Domestic Water Meter)
10 LPM upto 1500 M3/Hr (for Industrial / Bulk Meter)

Includes Damping Tank, Spacers / Blanks, Control Console etc.

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