Nagman’s Level Calibration Systems are field-proven – working successfully at 3 prominent locations : Kuwait Oil Company (KOC), Kuwait; H.M.E.L., Punjab, India & Power Technology Solutions, Kazakhstan.

This state of the art design, efficiently works on the Basic principle of Physics, cascaded with latest measurement techniques – Magnetostrictive Type Reference Level Transmitter fitted in a Transparent Perspex type Reference Measurement Column.

The Column / Chamber for Unit / Device Under Test is designed to accommodate / fit a variety of Flanged / Screwed Type Level Devices (Level Devices with Built-in Chamber also can be Tested / Calibrated in this System).

Precise zero settings trough Laser Datum Setter, Automatic Control of Level through miniature Control Valves, Motorized lifting arrangement for easy Access of Test Chamber.

Electrical / Electronic and Pneumatic Consoles are housed in a sleek Panel / Test Bench Rack, designed ergonomically; a stand-alone Hydro (Water) Intensifier Unit caters to Pressure Tests.

Built–in Intelligent Software (with the facility of Retrieving / Recording / Interpreting & Displaying the Readings / Values received from various Test and Standard Instruments in easily understandable / user-friendly format) is provided for generation of Calibration Certificate / Chart / Report.

Level Test & Calibration Rig - LTR Series


For Primary Interface & Total Liquid Testing & Calibration of various Types / Models of Level Measurement (& Control) Devices including Float / Displacer / Radar / Capacitance / Ultrasonic / Magnetic – both Inbuilt & External Chamber types.

Skid Mounted Platform with Drift Tray & Lifting Lugs

Heavy Duty with Extended Features & State of the art design

Ranges : 1000, 1500, 2000, 3000, 4000 & 5000 mm

Calibration Accuracy : ±0.05% F.S. or better (Min. 1 mm)

Precise Magnetrostrictive Type Reference Level Transmitter

Laser Zero Datum Setter (Transmitter & Receiver)

Transparent Perspex Chamber

Test Chamber with Inlet, Drain & Overflow Connections for housing External Type Level Devices / Instruments for Calibration against the Standard / Reference Chamber with Master Probe.

Material : SS 316

Software enabled Data Acquisition & Printing of customized Calibration Reports

A Common Mating Flange with slotted bolt holes for accommodating a variety of Level Devices / Instruments.

Manual Hydraulic / Electrically Actuated lifting arrangement (for holding Test Chamber & height adjustment)

Stand-alone Hydrostatic Pressure Test equipment

Level Calibration System - LCS / LCS-D Series

Level Devices Calibration System - Dual Chamber

Single Chamber (LCS Series) / Dual Chamber (LCS-D Series) (approx. 400 mm Dia) accommodates Reference Standard (Probe) (Precise Magnetostrictive Probe) & atleast 2 UUTs (Units Under Test)

Ranges / Spans : 1000 / 2000 / 3000 / 4000 / 5000 mm

Accuracy : (Reference Standard Probe) : 0.1% span (1 mm minimum)

Chamber top provides “Universal” Slotted Flanges (2) to accept / mount 2 UUTs

400 mm SQ. X 1000 mm (H) Tank connected parallel to the above chamber for level Switches Calibration (LCS-D Series).

4 Channel Alphanumeric Display – for UUTs with Analog (4 – 20 mA) output

Simple PID Control : Console, Integral with Chamber Assembly

Tests : Hysteresis, Dead Band & Repeatability Test

Facilities to Mount Side Mounted Level Devices / Tx

Custom Designs possible.