Flocal Series

Sizes : from DN10 upto DN300

Flow Rates : From 1 to 25000 LPM

Lines : 1, 2 or 3 to suit or with Rotary Change Device (RCD)

Calibration Campaign Time : To suit, from 30 Seconds

Calibration Methods : Comparison / Gravimetric / Volumetric

Calibration Accuracies* : 0.2% upto 0.05%

Calibration Media : Water (Correction Factors for other liquids)

Number of Units Under Test : Single or Multiple (to suit)

Display / Control Console : Flow Rate, Total Flow, Start/Stop Timer etc.

System Modules (include) Pumps with VFD / Distribution Headers / Mounting Clams / Spacers – Reducers, Adapters / Electro-Magnetic Meters (Flow Setting Masters) / Valves / Measuring Tanks / Flow Diverters / Weigh scales, Load Cells / Storage Tanks++

Mobile Versions (Trolley / skid Mounted) are also available for Sizes upto DN100.

Click here to review our Article on “Calibration Techniques for Flow Meters” published in IASC Magazine recently.

Flow Meter Calibration System

Mobile/Trolley Mounted Calibration System for Site/Field Calibration