Flow Lab smallFlocal Series

Sizes : from DN10 upto DN300

Flow Rates : From 1 to 25000 LPM

Lines : 1, 2 or 3 to suit or with Rotary Change Device (RCD)

Calibration Campaign Time : To suit, from 30 Seconds

Calibration Methods : Comparison / Gravimetric / Volumetric

Calibration Accuracies* : 0.2% upto 0.05%

Calibration Media : Water (Correction Factors for other liquids)

Number of Units Under Test : Single or Multiple (to suit)

Display / Control Console : Flow Rate, Total Flow, Start/Stop Timer etc.

System Modules (include) Pumps with VFD / Distribution Headers / Mounting Clams / Spacers – Reducers, Adapters / Electro-Magnetic Meters (Flow Setting Masters) / Valves / Measuring Tanks / Flow Diverters / Weigh scales, Load Cells / Storage Tanks++

Mobile Versions (Trolley / skid Mounted) are also available for Sizes upto DN100.

Flow Calibration Systems, Water Meter Test Bench, Mobile Flow Calibration
process flow meter calibration system
Nagman's Fluid Flow Laboratory