Engineering & Industrial / Vocational Training Systems

Models, Designs & Salient Features

Nagman’s Work Stations / Test Benches / Table Tops / Mobile Units / Kits are Modular (& Ergonomic) in design, facilitating ease of access / reach & service and provide ultimate Flexibility for customization.

Features of Nagman’s Test Benches / Work Stations include Tabletop / Elevated / Dual Deck designs with space enough for 2 Operators (Students) (Dual space for Computer / Keypad & Monitor), Space for Future Add-ons, ESD Protection, Movable Drawer units etc.

Tabletops are essentially Budget Solutions allowing customers to place these on their furniture.

Mobile Units / Kits & Portables enable experiments to be conducted in Class Rooms.

Student Teacher Trainer
New Generation Engineering & Industrial / Vocational Training Systems

A series of optional Modules / Units & “Units Under Test” Field Instruments & Devices are also offered, enhancing the value / utility, allowing unlimited Experiments.

In addition, Nagman can also supply a wide variety of Multifunction / Multipurpose / Multitasking Work Stations & Systems including Height Adjustable (Manual (Cranking) / Motorized – Spot / Centrally Controlled)

Training Aids – Student / Teacher – ESD / Non-ESD Work Stations / Table Tops / Desks with or without Modules. Special Executions / Ultimate Customization – in design & construction are possible.

Typical Experiments that can be performed using Nagman Test Benches & Work Stations in the Departments of Electrical & Electronics Engineering (EEE) / Mechatronics / Instrumentation & Control (I&C) / Electronics & Instrumentation (E&I) :

• Machines Laboratory
– Power measurement in single phase and three phase circuits
– Regulation of three-phase alternator

• Sensors & Transducers Laboratory
– Characteristics study of RTD / Thermocouple
– Characteristics study of Pressure Transducer
– Characteristics study of Resistive Potentiometer

• Control Systems Laboratory
– Study of Temperature On-Off Controller
– Study of Controllers

• Measurement Laboratory
– Measurement of Voltage, Frequency Using CRO
– Measurement of Phase Difference by CRO using Lissajous Figures
– Measurement of Resistance using Kelvin double bridge and Wheatstone bridge
– Measurement of Inductance using Hay’s and Owen’s bridge
– Measurement of Capacitance using Schering’s bridge
– Measurement of Capacitance using Desauty’s bridge
– Calibration of Voltmeter / Energy Meter / Wattmeter and Ammeter

• Signal Conditioning Circuits
– Measurement of OP-AMP parameters (Gain, Input offset Voltage, Input Offset Current, Bias Current, CMRR, Output Voltage, Slew Rate)
– Testing V to I & I to V Convertors

• Process Control Laboratory
– On-Off Controllers
– P + I + D + Controllers
– Temperature Control Loop
– Pressure Control Loop

• Computer Based Process Control Laboratory
– D/P Transmitter
– Calibration of Pressure Gauge Using Dead Weight Tester
– P/I Converter and I/P Converter
– Linearisation of Thermocouple and RTD – Based Temperature Transmitter

• Industrial Instrumentation and Process Control
– Calibration of Thermocouples and RTD

Experiments that can be performed using

System 5000E Electrical / Electronics Trainer
System 6000E Temperature Trainer
System 3000E Pressure Trainer
System 9000E Computer Aided Multi Parameter Trainer

* Appropriate Additional Equipment may be required to complete experiment loop

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