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Nagman Instrumentation: Pressure Calibrators, Temperature Calibrators, Dead Weight Testers, Calibration Hand Pumps, SINGLAS Accredited Lab
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Nagman’s Centre for Calibration

Centre for Calibration (CFC), unit of Nagman, India is a Calibration Laboratory Accredited by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratory (NABL, India) for ISO / IEC – 17025: 2005 Standards. Nagman’s Centre for Calibration offers a wide range / variety of CALIBRATION related services covering most Process Parameters & serves almost every type of Industry / Institution / Establishment & Leading Hospitals, Clinical / Diagnostic Laboratories.

The Centre is equipped with sophisticated Calibration equipment (Primary and Working / Transfer standards) & the Calibration Accuracy of these Master Standards is traceable to National & International Standards. The facility includes Computerized Automatic Calibration & Report generation conforming to ISO Standards.

Nagman’s Centre for Calibration is the first calibration laboratory in India to be accredited as per ISO / IEC – 17025: 2005 being managed by dedicated, highly qualified, trained and competent experts in the field of calibration to take care of all types of customer’s specific requirements and provide solution. The team consist of qualified and NABL Empanelled Assessor, CETE trained Auditor and Qualified lead assessor of ISO 9001 / ISO 14001 system to provide total solutions to calibration.

The Centre enjoys the unique distinction of obtaining NABL Accreditation (as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005) simultaneously for 3 Parameters –

Mechanical (Pressure & Vacuum, Mass, Dimensions & Volume)
Mechanical Vacuum, Mass   Electro-Technical   Thermal
    Unique Facilities
    • Cross Float Calibration facility for Calibration of Precision Dead Weight Testers (BMC 70 to 90 ppm and range from 15 mbar to 1000 bar) (Certified by & Traceable to NIM, China & Fluke, USA)
    • Vacuum range, from 30 mbar to 1 bar of BMC ± 200 ppm.
    • Precision Mass Balances & Standard Masses (from 1 mg to 40 Kg of BMC 0.009mg to 18.3g)
    • Ultra Low Pressure Dead Weight Testers, Range from 0.2 mbar to 160 mbar of BMC ±0.6% of reading to 0.06% of reading
    • 8½ Digit Digital Multimeter (Agilent)
    • High Current / Voltage Sources
    • Wavetek 9100 Universal / Multifunction Calibrator / Multi-Product Calibrator (Transmille 3010)
    • Black Body Sources (1300°C) & Ultra High Temperature Calibration Furnace (1500°C)
    • Standard / Precision RTD / Thermocouple Probes (up to 1500°C) (Traceable to NPL, India / TMS, Europe& Isotech, UK)
    • Computer Aided Calibration Certificate generation to ISO Standards and traceable to National / International Standards.
Wide range of services include....
Laboratory Calibration including "Express", same day Calibration
Site Calibration During Planned Shutdown / Routine Maintenance / Commissioning / Performance Trials
Mobile Calibration Laboratory Calibration Service at your door steps!
Marine Calibration Services Calibration performed on board Marine Ships / Vessels calling at Major Indian Ports & Overseas
Annual Maintenance / Calibration Contracts Periodic visits on preplanned dates
Comprehensive Calibration Job Packages including mobilization of Master Standards, man power etc.

Consultancy Services:

Nagman's Centre for Calibration provides Consultancy Services in
  • Identifying Master equipment & setting up a Calibration Laboratory as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005.
  • Training in BMC, Conducting PT, Internal Audit, Management Review, Document Preparation etc.
  • Training the staff to run the Laboratory as per ISO/IEC 17025:2005
  • Assisting in obtaining NABL Accreditation in India (or) Local Accreditation, Overseas
Calibration Seminars /
Nagman's Centre for Calibration offers on a regular basis Training - in Techniques & Methods for Technicians & Engineers, and in Calibration Laboratory Management for Managers. Short duration Training Program for Marketing & Senior Executives is also available.

Training courses are well structured and if required can be made customer specific. Training includes theoretical aspects followed by hands-on practical exposure imparted in Nagman's Training Centre which is well equipped with modern training aids & facilities.

Training Programs can also be organized / conducted at customer's premises if the number of persons to be trained justifies this.
Calibrator Rentals (first time in India) :
Wide variety of Portable Calibrators, Transfer Standards, Simulators, Dead Weight Testers etc. are available on Rental Basis - boon to Project Consultants / Executants/ Erection & Commissioning Contractors.
Most common Parameters Calibrated at Nagman's Centre for Calibration includes:
  • Pressure & Vacuum
  • Temperature (including non-contact type)
  • Mass / Linear / Volume / Dimensions
  • Voltage / Current / Resistance / Frequency / Capacitance
  • pH / Conductivity / Relative Humidity (%RH) / Time / Speed
  • Sound Level etc.,
For more details, visit & or contact
Mr. V. B. Venkateswaran,
Executive Director – Calibration Services
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Calibration Services
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